At Orange Expo Trading we offer high quality portable electrical devices and accessories designed to be effective and safe therapy for aches and pains associated with sore and aching muscles, stress and tension, minor muscle atrophy, strenuous exercise or normal household, sport and work activities. High in quality and safe to use for hours at a time, our massager units can be used whenever and wherever you want! This gives you complete freedom, privacy and control over your own health. No more drugs or horrible side effects! No more costly therapist appointments! With TechCareMassagers, you can have a safe, drug-free and side effect free method of pain relief, all in the privacy of your own home. Simply apply the pads to the desired area of your body as suggested in the information manual we provide, and you’re ready for a relaxing and stimulating experience!Type your paragraph here.

Quality of Life Improvement

Kneading is probably the best known procedure of massage, as familiar as kneading dough. In all its varieties, kneading essentially consists of alternating and intermittent compression and squeezing of the tissue, either by grasping it or compressing it against underlying bony surfaces.  

The Back Warmer Pad is one of our best sellers, providing over an hour of heat before gradually cooling down to room temperature. It fits perfectly in the small of the back when sitting or across the upper back when lying down. The Back Warmer Pad can come with an optional cloth pouch, holding heat longer, while allowing the pad to be strapped to specific areas of the body - without constricting mobility.

Health Care Massager Package is a package of hi-tech massage products. It contains four main parts: the controller, massage pads, a slimming belt and massage shoes, which are all health-oriented massage instruments.